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Limitless consumption, waste of resources and the destruction of nature on the one hand...

... growing poverty, hunger, homelessness, displacement and social injustice on the other hand.

We believe it is time to fundamentally rethink. That we have to remember the ways of life from the past in order to develop innovative solutions for the future. That we have to be able again to know ourselves, to act ourselves and to produce ourselves, regardless of large industries.

We produce humanitarian aid ourselves:
by hand. locally. sustainably. independently. honestly.

Wherever people suffer from existential hardships and basic needs can no longer be met, we encourage those affected to help themselves by producing the necessary aid goods independently and from local resources. This is how we break the vicious cycle of dependency.

Therefore, the NGO «selfm.aid» combines social work and handicraft:

The manual activity enables encounters and connects people with one another and their immediate surroundings. Because only as a strong, local community will we be able to master the great global challenges of the present and especially of the future.

In the closed refugee camp on the Greek island of Samos, people seeking protection live in catastrophic conditions, geographically and socially isolated.

For months and years, they cannot pursue any meaningful activity. At the same time, there is a lack of basic goods and equipment.

But the people who live in this isolation know how to create and repair, all by themselves.


And this is where the SKILLS FACTORY comes in

In our workshops we work, learn and laugh together, pass on skills and knowledge, and develop innovative solutions. The products we manufacture directly improve the current living situation and alleviate humanitarian suffering. This is how we break the vicious circle of dependency.


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