About selfm.aid

«selfm.aid» is a grassroots non-profit organisation, founded in September 2020, registered in Switzerland and Greece. It aims to fight humanitarian crises and social grievances by encouraging those affected to produce relief goods independently and from local resources. Therefore, the NGO combines social work with handicraft.

What's behind it?

We are currently facing a multitude of complex challenges. The refugee crisis and climate change are only parts of it. As the main cause, we identify the limitless consumption, along with the destruction of nature and the exploitation of labor. The world is out of balance.
During the last decades, the production of essential goods has been gradually outsourced - far away from our consciousness. As consumers, we no longer have the opportunity to be connected to the people who work for us and to the natural resources that are used. As a consequence, these products and the professions behind them have increasingly lost their value and recognition in our society. Much of the traditional knowledge of how and from what one can produce oneself has been lost.

Time to rethink

We believe it is time to fundamentally rethink. That we have to remember the ways of life from the past in order to develop innovative solutions for the future. That we have to be able again to know ourselves, to act ourselves and to produce ourselves, regardless of large industries.

Our solution:

The association «selfm.aid» combines social work and handicraft: wherever people suffer from existential hardship and basic needs can no longer be met, we encourage those affected to help themselves by producing the necessary aid goods independently and from local resources. This is how we break the vicious cycle of dependency.
The manual activity enables encounters and connects people with one another and their immediate surroundings. And this is so important, because only as a strong, local community will we be able to master the great global challenges of the present and especially of the future.

Our vision is to assist in creating a strong local community which is able to fight humanitarian crisis and social grievances independently through the use of existing local, human and natural resources.




With our projects, we provide attractive workplaces where interested parties from the entire community can freely unfold develop their manual skills.


We encourage and support our participants in taking responsibility for the workshops and improving living conditions on their own.


We produce and repair the most important products for everyday basic needs independently and from natural raw materials from the region.


The common interest in craft activities enables people to meet at eye level. People from the most diverse cultures and situations in life work equally on solving existing problems.


Respect for people and the environment

Is at the heart of everything we do.


We recognize and promote the potential of every person.


Our programs and products are de-termined, developed and evaluated by the participants.

Local and seasonal

We use products and natural resources from our direct surrounding.

Creative and innovative

Because this is the only way to break through previous patterns and develop new solutions.